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Marketing REFUNDED!

*Terms & Conditions :

Marketing costs are paid upfront by the vendor(s). Vendor(s) can select which components of the marketing campaign to retain or omit. Below is an example of the most commonly selected marketing campaigns used by our past clients. Once the property has been sold through MADISONS Estate Agents, the FULL marketing costs paid by the vendor(s) will be refunded to the vendor(s) upon settlement of the property sold. ( That is, if an owner chooses a $5k marketing campaign, then the $5k upfront marketing costs paid by the vendor will be refunded upon settlement of the sold property. Should an owner choose a $10k marketing campaign then $10k upfront marketing cost paid by the vendor will be refunded upon settlement of the sold property). The total value of the marketing refund shall not exceed $10,000. This offer applies to properties that sell for OVER $1m to $50m.

Standard Marketing Campaign – This Is What You Receive


  • Premium Photos X 5
  • Professional Floor Plan
  • Copywriting
  • High Gloss Sign Board 6 X 4 or 3 X 4
  • Brochures X 100
  • Auctioneer ( applies for auction campaigns)
  • Internet – – Standard Property Listing
  • Online Marketing to Over 60+ Buyers Agents
  • Video – Photo Slide Show
  • Buyer Database e-brochures
  • Bulk Buyer SMS Marketing


Total Value:     $ 5,000

NOTE : Newspaper(s) print advertising, website listing upgrades and Property Videos (including drones) are added options.

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer that Madisons may have running at the time.

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